Creation Station Fun!

During the iPad Summit Boston 2015, we partnered with the guys from Book Creator to create a fun collaborative eBook.

Download the full version here.

A Teacher Activity Book for iPads in the Classroom – Created by You!

At EdTechTeacher, we have the benefit of working with and hearing from educators from around the world. However, until now, we haven't had a way to curate all of these great ideas into one place. Since we often use collaborative eBooks as a great example of how to share ideas while creating an amazing, media-rich learning artifact, we decided to leverage the power of Book Creator (available on iOS and Android) to create a Teacher Activity Book.


We had over 20 educators from around the world contribute to both Volume I  and II of What Does Awesome Look Like? Visit our website, and enter your email address to download your free copy of either for viewing on any computer or mobile device. 

How to Contribute to Volume III 

  1. From an iPad or Android Tablet, download our BookCreator template by clicking the link. It will take you to Dropbox. Choose to download the file and then select "Open In" > Book Creator. (Be patient as it loads. It's a large file.)
  2. Fill in the information with your Awesome iPad Learning Activity (or Android)
  3. Save your book with your name as the book name. 
  4. Export your eBook as an ePub and Open in any file sharing service such as Google Drive or DropBox. 
  5. Copy the link for the ePub file (in DropBox go to the Share button > Copy Link and in Google Drive go to the Inspector button > Get Link).
  6. Complete the form below with your contact information as well as the link to your Book Creator pages.
  7. The second edition of the book will be complied with everyone's ideas and published for FREE. 

New to Book Creator?

Need a little help getting started? Use these Google Slides to learn more or follow this step-by-step tutorial from Book Creator.


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